Cloud Services

At OceaNetwork, we offer premium cloud services, with 1 on 1 support, without subsidizing to Call Centers, we take care of your servers and apps as if they were ours. 


Net Server

Your VMware® virtual server will be hosted in an enterprise-grade cloud environment that has 3 levels of security: physical security, network separation, and server & storage isolation. You will own your data, not us.


24x7 Direct Support

Fast enterprise grade SSD hard drives

Up to 30 Days Backup Retention

Dedicated CPU and RAM

Net Server is a Platform as a Service that just fits your needs. In a Linux or Windows virtual server configured with VMware vSphere, on a Physical Server partition installed in our data center, you can use your application with your favorite browser, eliminating the need to install on your PC.

As Vmware Partners, we use exclusively VMware as our Virtualizatione Software. We guarantee redundancy and 99.8% availability. Plus, our servers are backed up every day with up to 30 days retention.

Configuration Examples:


100 GB SSD

1 Core CPU


1 IP Address

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200 GB SSD

2 Core CPU


1 IP Address

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500 GB SSD

4 Core CPU


1 IP Address

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Net Mail

Email in the Cloud Computing Era

Net Mail uses Kerio Connect to manage emails, calendars and contacts in a private cloud environment; works with Windows Outlook, Apple Mail, iCal, Webmail and iOs and Android Smartphones. Wireless Mobile Sync. Enterprise grade secure emails. Powerful archiving. Automated backups.


Unmatched simplicity.

• Allows user to share email, contacts, calendars and public folders both in Windows and MacOS easily.

• Integrated Web Client, Works with Edge, IE, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome

• Supports every email client using IMAP/CalDAV/CardDAV.

• Allows to easily configure clients using scripts and syncronize their data in real time on every device via “Direct Push”.

Secure and protected.

  • SSL encryption and S/MIME.
  • Sophisticated anti-spam filters.
  • Automatically blocks IP addresses of hackers and bots.
  • Forbids suspected IP’s from delivering dangerous attached documents.
  • Uses advanced technologies to avoid abuses and intrusions.

Flexible and reliable.

Business users don’t care about mail servers. They simply care that their email works, that it’s secure, and delivers the flexibility that users want and expect. When using Net Mail Client for Mac, Windows or a web browser, you can see the presence of colleagues, chat in real-time, organize meetings and securely compose richly formatted email.

Only €4/mo per user!

Setup Included!

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Net Voice

IP Telephony has never been so easy!

Net Voice is an enterprise grade Voip server who uses Kerio Operator to replace the traditional analog Pabx. Specifically made for small and medium companies, it allows great savings both of money and time, delivering great features and exceptional performances.


Video Calls

Conference call

Auto attendant


Your office number in your hand.

Turn your iOS or Android based mobile phone into a virtual office phone with the Kerio Operator Softphone app. The app uses data instead of cellular minutes, so you can make calls from anywhere you are in the world. Because the app uses your business phone number and voice quality is crystal clear, it really is like having your office phone with you at all times.

Super easy to manage.

Deploy, configure and administer Net Voice in a flash through an easy-to-use web administration interface. When it comes to ease of configuration, automatic phone provisioning and remote, tablet-friendly administration, Net Voice is second to none.

Serious cost

Net Voice makes financial sense. Walk away from your traditional phone service, expensive PBX and specialized phone technician …and embrace Net Voice! Your phone system will no longer require specialized telephony skills. With Kerio’s legendary ease of use and instant setup, management overhead drops dramatically while your users enjoy powerful new features.

Only €4/mo per user!

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